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How to Turn Organic Traffic into Leads

Optimizing your website for SEO should be a priority of every marketer in 2020, but it’s important to remember that the visitors to your website are real humans. Getting visitors to your website is the first step; the next step is getting visitors to convert into leads for whatever business you’re in. Customers are more valuable than visitors at the end of the day, so while growing your traffic is great, you’ve got to make sure your visitors know the purpose of your website. 

Know and Match User Intent

Understanding why users are searching is a necessity to SEO, but oftentimes, execution is lacking. Marketers get too hung up on keywords and try to stuff them into content rather than where they make sense. Sometimes marketers decide their content type before considering keyword research. Both of these things will blur the intent of your pages. Take a look at the existing pages on your website; usually, many of these pages were created when your marketing and SEO strategies were less thought out. You can quickly update these pages to improve them for users, making it easier to read and update metadata to make SEO improvements. Pages need to resonate with users to have sustained web traffic, so develop a strategy and set of standards for your content. Follow best practices for content moving forward and remember to keep user intent at the top of your mind. 

Be Optimized for Your Brand

Targeting users searching for your brand already is a great way to get leads with a high chance of converting. They are clearly already aware of your brand and want to know more. Think of these users as low hanging fruit, but they aren’t guaranteed conversions; you still need to optimize for them. Create landing pages for these users specifically and test them to make sure that you’re making the most of these high-quality leads. 

Nurture Your Leads

Many users to your website aren’t quite ready to spend money or provide you with their contact information the first time they visit your site. You need to nurture users once they’ve been exposed to your brand. Email marketing is a strong channel for lead nurturing that allows you to communicate with customers based on the pages that they visited. You can segment users and reach them more effectively. 

Update Your Content

Check out Google Analytics and Search Console and find which of your pages perform well organically. Make upgrades to these pages and monitor the results. These updates can vary from page to page, but common remedies are improving the visibility of calls to action and adding more images to the web site. Remember, getting visitors to your website is half the battle, they need to have a reason to stay. The copy is important, but don’t forget about the visual elements of the page too.

Organic website traffic is the most sustainable way to grow your business online. Contact our team at Boston Web Marketing today if you want to improve your website’s SEO strategy. 

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