How to Track Your Email Marketing Efforts

As time goes on and you’ve gotten the hang of email marketing and all its quirks, it is important that you begin tracking your efforts alongside your current goals (referrals to your business, website traffic and direct sales).

In addition to these efforts, there are four other foundational metrics that you should measure in order to achieve high email deliverability:

  1. Bounce rates – how many of your emails sent were rejected by the mail servers?
  2. Spam reports – be careful of what you send out, if recipients believe that the email they received could contain a virus based on the language or images you used, there’s a chance they may mark it as junk/spam.
  3. Unsubscribe rate – are recipients continuously unsubscribing to your emails? This is where you can measure how often you should be sending emails to reduce the risk of opt-outs.
  4. Inbox rates – on some email servers, it is possible that your email can potentially be sent into the recipient’s junk folder, and not their inbox. If they do not check their junk mailbox regularly, chances are your open rate is not as high as you want it to be because the recipients are not receiving them properly.

By following these good email marketing practices, you will be going above and beyond to enhance your customer’s experience with your business!

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