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How To Time Your Social Media Posts Better

Constructing a good SEO strategy involves taking advantage of multiple outlets to increase your chances of success! Social media is a crucial tool that’s only growing in importance to the right SEO strategy. In order to maximize your chances of a positive output, there are a few specifications that you’ll need to keep in mind. Timing your social media posts is everything; after all, you need to make sure your posts meet the most eyes! We’ll give you some tips for timing your social media posts below!

Use The Most Popular Times As A Guideline

If you can think of a social media platform, there’s a very good chance that the most frequently asked question about it is what the best time is for posting. It’s no wonder that this is the case; everyone is trying to be seen when it’s most opportune! For this reason, the best “general” times to post on social media platforms are widespread knowledge online. A quick search will give you the best general times to post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram amongst all platforms – including days of the week, too!

Use Your Social Media Planner

Your social media planner isn’t just useful for crafting new posts! It can also act as a tool for timing your social media posts better. There’s a reason why we put the word “general” in front of the best times to post earlier. Those numbers reflect the percentage of all users who are online at a given time. What it doesn’t tell you is what percentage of your users are most active on your page on a given day of the week. Your social media planner can help shed some light here and plan your posts accordingly.

Research The Worst Times To Post

Knowing the right times to make your social media posts also involves knowing when not to make those posts. There are plenty of times that aren’t as beneficial for making social media posts that wouldn’t be exactly what you’d expect. Times like early morning and early afternoon aren’t always the best times to post, so you should steer clear from them. With the combination of these factors, you should have a good idea on how to attract the most people with your post.

Social Media Strategy With Boston Web Marketing

If there’s one thing that our tidbits of advice have in common, it’s that they’re all focuses of the social media strategy at Boston Web Marketing! We’ll ensure that your SEO strategy has all the moving parts accounted for to bring your business to the top of search result rankings. To get more business for your company, click here to contact us directly! 

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