How to Tell Google to Not Take Bad Backlinks into Consideration When Deciding PageRank

The disavow tool in Google Webmasters Tools allows website owners to submit their site’s spammy links to Google in an attempt to remove the bad links from Google’s ranking factor. A bad link is considered anything from a paid link to a link farm to blog spam.

Here is how to tell Google to not take bad backlinks into consideration when deciding your page rank:

  1. In Google Webmasters, choose your client.
  2. Click Search Traffic, choose Links to Your Site and More under Who links the most.
  3. Download table and check all the links for bad backlinks.
  4. Once you determine the backlinks, try to contact webmasters to remove links. You most likely won’t get an answer.
  5. In Notepad, create a file and copy this example:

# removed most links, but missed these

# contacted webmasters to remove links, but

# got no response


#contact webmasters to remove links, but

# got no response


        6.   Save as text file.

7.   Look up the Disavow Tool, choose a client and click Disavow Links.

8.  Upload your text file and hit submit

Keep in mind that it takes Google a few months to remove all of your submitted bad backlinks. 

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