How to Target Multiple Keywords in One Page of Content

Sometimes if you have a broad keyword that tends to have smaller more niche keywords closely related to the topic, it’s a good idea to try to target those as well in your pages.


After doing a little keyword research about your specific industry you should be able get a good idea of what specific keywords would benefit from being included with others in your content.


Below are a few steps that you can take to find and implement secondary (niche) keywords into your content pages:


  1. Figure out the niche keywords: Enter a question that is relevant to the main keyword you are targeting in google, this should activate the ‘featured snippet‘ feature. These will display a one or two sentence answer to your question in a list format. Below this list will be a “people also ask” section
  2. Select a “people also ask” question and find one that is relevant to what you perceive is the search intent of your typical user. After you select a question another list will pop up that has related info for the option you chose under ‘people also ask’. The further down the rabbit hole you go the more specific and ‘niche’ the questions will be.
  3. Now, you need to keep going until you find a featured snippet that is either incorrect, or you think you can do a better job of answering with a piece of content. This will allow you to create a page that should rank relatively quickly for that specific keyword fast, as the current info is not helpful.
  4. The next step is to compile a list of relevant “people also ask” and analyze that list using a keyword research tool such keyword explorer of another tool you prefer. This will produce a list of niche keywords that you can target to go along with your original keyword.
  5. Last step will be to apply to keywords in your page title and heading tags. These will usually work best in your H2 and H3 tags, be sure to also include a great description and relevant content for these keywords under the headings that they are listed.



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