How To Target Multiple Cities with SEO

Follow along as we uncover the best ways to target multiple cities using SEO’s best practices! Targeting multiple cities for your business is best done with the help of local SEO. Google has delivered a solution to increase your business’s visibility by allowing you to target customers in your area. Before moving forward, ensure that you adjust your website the right way, as doing this process the wrong way can hurt your website’s ranking and local search results!

Why is Local SEO Important?

Local SEO is essential to all businesses and attracts much foot traffic to your website. Without local SEO, your business would be competing with millions of competitors across the world. As the user searches for specific items such as “The Best Deli in Boston” they are searching with the intent to take action immediately or in the following days ahead. Optimizing your local search and website for queries like this will transform your website’s ranking against the competition. Besides tailoring your website to these queries, local search ranks your business higher on Google based on the relevance to their search and the searcher’s distance to your business.

Are City Pages Good for SEO

We often see city pages listed under a page with service area pages. These pages are an extra SEO effort to use specific keywords of your business’s services to a specific city or town. The key to avoiding a flag from Google is to make each page unique to the town and services offered by your business. If each page offers the same information with an adjustment to the town, your website can be penalized for duplicate content, which every SEO specialist wants to avoid. Continue reading and see how you can safely optimize your business in the local search below!

Optimizing Your Business For Multiple Locations

The following options are a few that we commonly use in our day-to-day practices that increase our client’s visibility for Local SEO.

Google My Business

As one of Google’s primary missions, organizing each business is not possible without a Google My Business Profile. If you have not yet signed up for one, now is the time to do so! Verifying your business with Google gives you a higher chance of ranking on the SERP with what you offer and an accurate location. Over time customers will use your Googe profile to write reviews and add photos from their experiences, which will help new or potential customers to choose your business!

Optimize your Internal Link Structure

Tweaking your internal linking structure will help your business’s SEO and boost it! External links help your business, but you’ll find better results if your website already has the information you desire to link as a refresher to your customers. Internal linking will help visitors navigate your website with ease, improve the architecture of your website, and most importantly, show Google which pages are the most important. Reinvent the architecture of your website today with help from Boston Web Marketing!

Build NAP Citations

Lastly, increasing your local SEO and local search results can be easy by submitting your information to alternative local listings and directories. It is important to remember that not all of your customers will be using Google, Bin, or Yahoo as their search engine. Users can find your key business information anywhere on the web by building your Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) citations. Local citations can appear on directories, review sites, and all websites to help your local SEO. This process may seem tedious, but it is worthwhile for features on websites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, and so many more.

Target Local SEO with Boston Web Marketing

At Boston Web Marketing, our SEO specialists are enthusiastic and experienced. We are prepared to begin helping your business rank higher on the SERP page using SEO best practices! With over 13 years in the digital marketing industry, our professionals have helped and served large and small businesses all over the country! Contact Boston Web Marketing today and get a free SEO consultation.

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