How to Target Facebook Content to Your Desired Audience

Facebook advertising offers some great options to the business owner in terms of targeting  the desired audience for your product or service.

Think about “who” you really want to look at your content.  Who are the potential buyers?  Where are they?  What circles do they move in that could create a wider distribution for your content to the right people?   Facebook gives you the tools to really think about these questions and then to promote to those targets and then hopefully their contacts.

You are offered the ability to target at a very granular level as you can see below:



Targeting options and promotion capabilities go even deeper than just the illustration above.  So next time you are using your Facebook page as a means of pushing something big or new or splashy, you might want to take a look at the marketing potential of Facebook .  While Facebook advertising is not free, it’s another opportunity for you to get even greater exposure for your business.

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