How to Take Website Quality Photos with Your Smart Phone.

Visuals are an important part of enhancing the user experience of your website. Unfortunately, most of us do not have a professional camera with photo editing software to take these breathtaking photos. If you’re like most people though, you probably have a smartphone with a decent camera. Although you may think it is not possible, you can still take high quality photos on your cell phone with a few tips and maybe a free app or two!

If you already have a smartphone, the next step to set you up for success is downloading a photo editing app or two. Aviary is a great tool to use, and it’s free! The app comes with all the basic tools you need to turn a bland photo, into something worthy for your website. Features include lighting enhancement, a bounty of filters, frames, stickers, cropping, color adjustment, orientation, text & draw, red eye correction, and much more!

If you are standing far from your subject, then you may be tempted to use your cell phone camera’s zoom feature. Zooming more than a little bit makes your photo come out blurry or pixelated. Instead, get closer to your subject if possible. If not, just crop your photo after to focus in on your desired subject.

If you feel like you are having trouble aligning the camera just right, turn on the camera gridlines to help you level out your photos. On an iPhone the gridlines can be turned on in the settings–> Photos & Camera–>Grid. On an Android, the gridlines are turned within the settings of the camera app. There will be a little gear icon that you click on to get into the Android settings.

Don’t try to get everything in one shot. Instead, focus on one subject and take your time setting up the shot. When taking the picture, tap on your phone’s screen to optimize the focus on your subject. It’s OK to leave space around your subject because you can just crop it after.

Color Blocking
One neat way of making something stand out in a photo, is to make the entire thing black and white but leaving the subject of focus in color. Color Touch is one app that lets you do this. There are also other apps available such as Color Splash Effect. Dig around your app market for one that you like best!

Although our cell phones have a flash feature to take pictures in the dark, those pictures never come out looking great. Photos with flash end up looking overexposed. Instead, play around with the natural light around you whether it’s from traffic, buildings, or the sun & moon. Light also creates shadows which could make for an even better photo.

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