How to Tackle Common SEO Challenges This Year

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is not a perfect process. Even with hard work, SEO Challenges and hurdles can arise frequently and cause a feeling of angst. In this blog, we will discuss common SEO challenges and how to deal with them.

1. Lack of Indexing

After you generate content, it is essential to make sure search engines such as Google are indexing it. Otherwise, your hard work could be for nothing. Indexing is a way for search engines to know the content you created exists

What To Do If Google Is Not Indexing Your Content

  • Revamp the existing content
  • Avoid using duplicate content
  • Resubmit content on Google Search Console

2. Thin and Low-Quality Content

One of the most common SEO challenges website owners face is having thin or low-quality content. Thin content refers to website content that is typically less than 350 words. Low-quality content usually refers to content that is not original or unique. Combined, these factors can plague a website and affect its ranking in search results.

How To Handle Thin and Low-Quality Content 

  • Write at least 400 words per content
  • Aim for a unique layout
  • Do not duplicate previous content

3. Slow Page Speeds

In this day and age, most people do not want to wait around for most things. With that said, if your website takes longer than most to load, you could lose valuable users.

How To Handle Slow Page Speeds

  • Check your website page speed monthly
  • Optimize content across your website
  • Update Plugins

4. Using the Wrong Keywords

Keywords are essential for ranking well and ranking high, but using the wrong keywords will not do much for your business.

How To Handle Using Keywords

  • Perform keyword research
  • Figure out which keywords most users are searching for
  • Do not overuse keywords

5. Forgetting About Local SEO

A business’s overall SEO campaign is important, but a case can be made that a business’s local SEO is just as important. Having a good local SEO ranking can help you beat out your competitors and rank higher than them in search results

How to Handle Local SEO

  • Optimize your Google My Business Profile
  • Get as many reviews as possible

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