How To Successfully Set Up Email Pop-Ups

Email marketing is a great way to help grow a small business. In the past we have covered topics like best practices for email marketing and how to grow you list of contacts. One of the ways you can grow your list of contacts is to implement pop-ups on your site to encourage users to sign up voluntarily.  If  you plan to grow your list, you should do the following things.
Plan & Execute- The first  thing you should do is plan how you are going to implement this. Are you going to offer an incentive to get users to sign up? When will the pop-up show up on the site? After x amount of seconds or x amount of page views? Many businesses will offer an incentive such as, “10% Off Your First Order”, or whatever is comparable to your business.
Monitor- Historically, pop-ups are viewed as an intrusive and annoying feature on websites. That’s why it’s crucial to monitor your website after launching the pop-ups. The two key stats to watch after launching are your bounce rate and average session duration. You should annotate your Google Analytics to mark down when you launched the pop up and how you implemented it. After a week or so compare your metrics to the same metrics prior to launching. If you noticed your bounce rate has drastically increased you should tweak your strategy. The same goes for your average session duration if it decreases.
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