How to Successfully Perform a Website Audit

You’ve taken a big swing at rearranging, clearing up, and optimizing your website at the start of the year, and now you’re looking to tackle the technical side of the website. If you have not heard of the tool Screaming Frog, then you are in for a treat. Screaming Frog is a fundamental tool that pulls out any page information on your website, such as; URLs, metadata, duplicate, etc. With the extensive amount of data and turn them into strengths here are key features you should look into.

Locating 404 Errors in Your Website

Finding any pages on the website that returns a 404 error code raises a red flag to Google and other search engines. 404 pages or “broken links” creates a bad experience; therefore, it can actually hurt your SEO performance, which we do not want, ever! To locate any 404 pages, you can find the list under “Responses Codes.” Once these pages are located, the next step is to create a 301 redirect and resubmit your SEO efforts to Google Search Console. It can be recrawled and indexed correctly.

Identifying Weak Page Titles and Meta Description

Page titles and meta descriptions are some of the most important SEO basics you should be adding to all webpages. This is an opportunity to add primary keywords and a call to action to get found for target keywords. Are any pages missing any titles and descriptions? Is the length of the metadata too long for SERP, making it hard to read? Or, do you have any duplicate duplicates that could be blocking your SEO performance? Being able to identify and improve verbiage or keywords can significantly improve your search rankings. 

Crawl Depth

One of the underrated strategies that marketers can easily neglect. Crawl depth defines your website’s structure and hierarchy as it tells your users just how long it would take them to get from the homepage to their target page. Now, this is important because users are becoming more impatient when navigating a website. We need to get to what we are looking for as soon as possible without any complications. Screaming Frog does a great job analyzing your page’s crawl depth by providing insights to see if any pages that go beyond 3 are worth having on the site or if it needs to be migrated elsewhere. You need to ask yourself the following questions because any hidden content buried in the website will not get found and scores low traffic. 

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