How to Submit a Reconsideration Request

In the unfortunate event that your website receives a penalty from Google, it is critical to know how to submit a reconsideration request. A reconsideration request is essentially a plea to Google to allow your website to appear in its search results.

Not appearing in search results can mean a significant loss of business for many companies, so time is of the essence with regards to submitting a reconsideration request.

According to Google, the first step you’ll want to take is to review the manual actions page to determine if it has found any problems or issues with your website. Checking your website for manual actions basically means that Google will inspect the content of the site, and ensure it follows pre-established quality guidelines.

After that, you may submit a reconsideration request.

To do so, you must first sign into your Google Webmaster Tools account. Next, add and verify the site that you want reconsidered. Finally, submit your reconsideration request, and follow-up with Google to track the status of your request.

Google is somewhat notorious for taking a while to process reconsideration and disavow requests, so don’t panic if your reconsideration request isn’t immediately approved.

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