How To Stand Out During Holiday Shopping Seasons

It’s almost that time of the year when everyone starts to ramp up their shopping lists prior to the holiday seasons. While some of the biggest brands have all the advertising budgets to nearly control consumer’s spending habits, the majority of companies will have to come up with smarter and more economical marketing campaigns. How do small and medium brands stand out during the upcoming holiday seasons? Take a look at these 6 tips.
1. Be genuine
No matter what your brand represents, own it. There’s no reason for Carhartt to attempt to be edgy to attract the Millenial-types. A lack of authenticity is why people in advertising finished third-from-last in a Gallup poll of “honest/ethical” professionals, barely edging out only car salesmen and members of Congress.
2. Be flexible
Take what you learn from a campaign on Facebook and use it to target audiences on Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.
3. Be memorable 
There is so much noise and things going on during this time of year. If you are doing the “same old, same old”, be prepared to answer for failure. In a Marketo poll, 63% of consumers said they were highly annoyed by brands’ repeated use of generic messaging.
4. Be human
Relate to consumers emotionally. Create multiple campaigns to hit different demographics in unique ways. According to Facebook, its targeting is 89% accurate, compared to 38% for narrowly targeted online campaigns elsewhere.
5. Stay closed on Thanksgiving
65 percent of Americans polled by RichRelevance “hate or dislike” seeing stores open on Thanksgiving. Want to stand out? Stand up for your employees and give them the entire day off, like Costco, H&M and REI and Staples!
6. Be rich 
Not literally. Incorporate rich media into your social efforts. In a study by Adform, rich media ads had a nearly 15% higher engagement rate than standard banner ads. While perusing cluttered news feeds, it’s much easier to be eye-catching if your post featured videos, audio or other similar elements that encourage interaction.

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