How to Set Up Instagram Shopping to Sell More Products?

If your company sells products online, you should be using Instagram shopping. Instead of directing customers from your Instagram account to your website, Instagram shopping allows consumers to select and purchase products easily from the app.  Your customers are already on Instagram. Make it easy for them to discover and shop for your items with Instagram shoppable posts.

Why use Instagram shopping posts?

Instagram is an essential platform for retail brands with Instagram’s 200 million users visiting at least one business profile a day. In the first days of Instagram, you would use Instagram to build your audience and connect with your consumers, encouraging them to visit your website or store. Since 2017, Instagram shopping has allowed stores to transform their profiles into virtual storefronts. The opportunities are large with most 70% of Instagram shopping enthusiasts use Instagram for product discovery. With just a few simple steps, you can set up Instagram Shopping.

How to set up Instagram shopping posts

Step 1: Check that you meet the requirements

You have to ensure your business meets three criteria

  • You have a business profile on Instagram.
  • You’ve connected your Instagram profile to a Facebook PageThis is so that you can set up your product catalog on Facebook.

Step 2: Create your product catalog on Facebook

Once you’ve added your products to the catalog, you’ll be able to tag them in your Instagram posts and Stories. You can also set up a shop on your Facebook Page.

Step 3: Get approved for Instagram shopping

Once you’ve set up your catalog and checked that your business fulfills the requirements, you can submit your account for review. Go to your Settings, tap Business, and then Sign Up for Instagram Shopping. Follow the steps and hit submit. Review and approval may take a few days.

Step 4: Turn on shopping in the Instagram app

Once you’re approved, you’ll see a new option under Settings and Business, titled Shopping. Tap it to turn on shopping in the Instagram app.

Step 5: Set up your first shoppable Instagram post!

To get you started on your first sales, first, upload a photo just like you would for a regular post. Then tap the items you want to tag. You can tag up to five products per post. Start typing the name of the products you want to tag. These must correspond to the names in your product catalog. Select them as they appear in the search box.

Tips For Selling Products with Shopping on Instagram

1. Add hashtags

Using relevant Instagram hashtags is a smart strategy for shopping content. They increase the discoverability of your content, boosting the engagement on each post.

2. Use striking visuals

The value of striking images and videos on Instagram remains constant. Taking quality photos and uploading high-quality videos is key to standing out in the crowd and stopping users from scrolling on by.

3. Be authentic

When sharing product posts, don’t miss the opportunity to connect with your audience. There’s no need to stick to product copy. Your companies personality and voice should shine through here.

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