How to set up conversion tracking in Google analytics for click to call links

Installing conversion tracking on your website is an easy way to analyze how well your site is converting traffic into leads.  Google Analytics goals make it easy to track anything from who fills out a contact form to how many people clicked your phone number to place a call.

An easy way to track how many users are placing calls via your website is to install event tracking on your phone number. You will need to make sure that your phone number is set up with a click to call tag first. To do this simply edit the html of the phone number with the following:

HTML Coding for a click to call:

<a href=”tel:18005555555″>800-555-5555</a>

This will allow users on a mobile device to click the number and immediately place a call to your business.


To set up the Conversion Tracking follow these steps:

Log into your Google Analytics account and navigate to Admin>Goals (under ‘View Profile’)

Click ‘Create a new goal’ and select ‘Custom’ and click ‘next step’

Name your goal and select ‘Event’ under type. Click next step.

Under “Event Conditions” fill out the fields for “Category”, “Action” and “Label”.

Category, Action, and Label can be anything you want as long as they are entered into the coding in the same order in the last step.
We used Phone, Click, Call for an example

Now click create goal

Go back to your phone number that you set up with a click to call tag, and add the following code inside the href:

onClick=”_gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘Category’, ‘Action’, ‘Label’]);”

Then Replace the “Category”, “Action” and “Label” with the corresponding names you used when setting up the goal.

In our example the final html for the phone number looks like this

<a href=”tel:800-555-5555″ onClick=”_gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘Phone’, ‘Click’, ‘Call’]);” >800-555-5555</a>

With this code in place, Google Analytics will track all calls made to your business that were made via clicks on this number.


– James Maston

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