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How to Save Your Client Money On Email Marketing

Email marketing services, such as Benchmark and Constant Contact, charge per contacts (also known as subscribers). While large distribution lists are generally advantageous for email marketing, seeing as it allows companies to cast out a large net, these campaigns can get quite pricey. While these expenses could be justified if each newsletter was opened, many times, the majority of these newsletters go unopened.

With all this money going to waste, the ROI of these marketing campaigns will be negative, which warrants changes. The easiest way to save money on these email marketing campaigns is to reduce the number of contacts/subscribers. In choosing which emails to remove from the distribution list, the email marketing services should display which emails aren’t opened and which ones don’t send. The emails that don’t send may have been entered in incorrectly or purposely misspelled in order to prevent themselves from receiving spam. These emails should all be removed as a cost-cutting measure.

cc emails


On Constant Contact, the first step to getting rid of these emails is to hit “email”, then go to “reports”. This will display a list of recent newsletters sent and show the which contacts opened their emails, and which ones were unable to send. Some of the email addresses that bounced may have had spelling errors that easily correctible (example: bob@gmail.xcom). These should be corrected, as these contacts may be genuinely interested in receiving the newsletter. However, the other emails can all be deleted to help save a money on the monthly expenses.bounced emails

From here, hit the checkbox at the top of the page to select all the bounced emails. Then hit “Remove Emails”, which, evidenced by the number of bounced emails displayed to the right, should delete a large number of emails. This should ideally bring the pricing down into a lower pricing bracket. This will also ensure the effort put into these email marketing campaigns isn’t going to waste. If your company is on the other end of the spectrum and lacking contacts, follow these tips here.


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