How To Reuse Existing Content For Maximum SEO Value


Writing an original content for your company can be time-consuming. We’ve found 5 ways to maximize your existing content you’ve already published. If you’ve never reused any old or existing content, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to make the most of your SEO efforts. Here are some helpful suggestions for you to follow:

  1. Increase Existing Pages. Did you know that by having pages with longer content will perform better in the search rankings? If you have blogs that consist of 300-600 words, try beefing it up to another 1,000-1,500 words. Existing content already has authority, so if you have a blog that is already doing well on Google, it’s a good way to give your content a freshly updated information.
  2. Webinar. Turning a Webinar into a how to video tutorial can be an effective strategy to target your audience. If you want to maximize the value of your webinar, reuse your video into a YouTube video that can be accessed and linked to for years to come.
  3. Merge blog posts into a guide. Have you ever written a series of blog posts on a related topic in the past? By adding an introduction, conclusion and adjusting some of the wording in your posts, you can potentially create one big resource. This will build a quality content.
  4. Divide Up Your Summary Post. We’ve explained how you can merge multiple posts into one big article. You can also do the opposite by dividing the post and splitting the post into longer posts, this way you are able to expand each post into further detail. Not only will you have more posts but it will also give you a better quality content without having to come with a new topic from scratch.
  5. Creating An Infographic. Case studies can be very effective if you are working with B2B clients. A nice different approach is creating an infographic for clients to analyze. By adding statistics to your infographic will bring more attention and focuses on the most important parts.

Don’t think your content can only be used once. There is always another way to reuse your content to maximize your SEO efforts.

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