How To Respond To Negative Reviews on Google My Business

It’s bound to happen to your business at some point. Unfortunately, negative reviews are all part of the business process. Your goal should be to get as few of them as possible to increase your chances of success, but what happens when one comes in? In order to increase the trust between you and your audience, you can’t just leave it alone! There are a number of actions that you can take to appropriately respond to negative reviews on Google My Business. We’ve highlighted the most effective ones below!

Invite Them To Discuss Further

The best impression that you can give off when you respond to negative reviews on Google My Business is that you genuinely care about resolving the issues that caused it. The best way to do that is to open a dialogue between you and the negative reviewer, by giving them your phone number or email to chat privately. You’ll be able to go more in-depth with them about what caused it and how you can improve in the future. Who knows; depending on the situation, they may increase their rating a little bit!

Reaffirm Your Commitment To Service

The last thing that you want to do is completely disregard the reviewer’s bad experience! You shouldn’t be acting like these experiences are everyday occurrences. Make sure that you detail that your organization is committed to a fantastic quality of service. This is not only helpful for assuring the reviewer that it was a misstep but also assures the people looking at them that they won’t be likely to receive that same experience. The better you are at damage control and resolution, the better you’ll look to the public!

In Some Cases: Dispute It

Let’s say you’ve received a review that was meant for another company with the same name. Or, the review came from a former coworker or their family member that details their experience rather than a customer’s one. These are the types of reviews that you don’t want on your page! You won’t be able to dispute the other claims, but you can flag those that fit this bill. You can flag it at the top corner of the review and tell Google your reasoning. The claim should be resolved in a matter of days.

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