How to Report Indexing Bugs in Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an essential tool for any SEO professional, and the best part is that it’s getting better all the time with new features and improvements. Since April of 2021, Google has been hosting a pilot program for Search Console users that allows them to report any bugs they might encounter during the page indexing process. Finally, this tool is now available for all Search Console users, which is extremely useful considering that issues with indexing issues are fairly common in the SEO field. Keep reading to learn more about this reporting tool and why it’s useful.

How to Report an Indexing Bug

If you’ve ever used the URL inspection tool, you might have utilized Google’s help document, which does a great job walking us through the mechanics of this tool and outlines some of its capabilities. If you aren’t familiar, don’t fret- but there is a reason this help document is relevant. If you’ve been snooping around the GSC hoping to find the bug report tool, unfortunately you won’t find it there. The link to report your issues can actually be found at the very bottom of the help document we linked above, and it’s available to any google user who is signed in with active Google Search Console integrations.

Why The Tool is Useful

As we mentioned above, indexing bugs are somewhat common, most likely because of the pure volume of pages that Google indexes each minute. Combined with all the various types of pages Google comes across, you’re bound to run into a bug sooner or later. However, just because you do run into an indexing issue doesn’t necessarily mean you should head to fill out this reporting form as soon as possible. You’re better off making adjustments to your pages, exploring the URL inspection help document, and resubmitting your sitemap for quicker results. If you’ve tried all the above avenues and are still running into issues, then this reporting form is a great tool to turn to.

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