How to Remove Featured Image from Appearing in Blog Post in WordPress

The featured image feature on WordPress blog posts can be a very nice feature to help make you site look more aesthetically pleasing, especially when you are using the “recent posts” widget. Sometimes, however, some WordPress themes will include that featured image in the content of the blog post itself. In some themes, you may even like the way it looks. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t look good at all, and you want it out.

If you still want to use the featured image feature but don’t want the photo to show in the post itself, follow these quick, easy steps. When logged into the backend of your WordPress site, find “Appearance” on the left side navigation and then choose “Editor”. When you are in the Editor, look on the right side navigation and find your “single.php” file and open that.

featured image code

You will be looking for some coding towards the top of the single.php file and it will likely have the words “if” and “post_thumbnail(‘featured’)” like you see in the screen shot above. In my case for this Frankenstein Refinishing site, I removed the coding starting and ending with “span”. Remove this piece of coding, click “update file” and refresh your blog post. The featured image should be removed from all blog posts on your site. As always, before making any changes to the editor, it is always wise to have another copy of the editor saved on your computer in case you make a mistake!

By Mike Fedotowsky

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