How to Reduce Spam Emails in Your Inbox

In most cases, having a strong online presence is a great thing for your brand, business, or company. It not only helps to grow your customer base but can also open up opportunities for your business to grow and evolve through the likes of online referrals, partnerships, and more. Despite their many benefits, there are select times when having a strong online presence isn’t necessarily for the better, and this is certainly the case with spam. Spam can manifest in a number of different forms, including calls, texts, contact form submissions, or in the topic of today’s blog, emails. Today, we’ll be discussing ways that you can take action against spam messages that show up in your inbox – keep reading below for more information!

Reporting Emails as ‘Spam’

When you want to deter spam emails from appearing in your inbox, one of the most straightforward and effective ways to do so is by simply reporting spam emails as spam. Regardless of what platform you use for email (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, etc.), there is likely a way for you to report select messages as spam. In most cases, this will not only remove the email from your main inbox but also prevent further spam messages that are attached to the thread. This is an easy way to save yourself from headaches down the road that are caused by spam.

Blocking Users

If you have identified a distinct email address that continues to send you unsolicited messages, then it might be best to ‘block’ that email address altogether. As the name would imply, this effectively ‘blocks’ a select email address from sending you any further messages, however, this is not permanent, and you are able to ‘unblock’ an email address whenever you’d like. Consider doing this when spam emails are being sent to you from one, unique email address.

Be Vigilant About Your Address

Your email address, especially if used for personal reasons, is not something that you want to give out at random. After all, it is an element of your contact information, and for that, we encourage you to be vigilant about who you provide your email address. There exists a seemingly endless amount of scams and fraud out there on the internet, so be sure that you are giving your information only to trustworthy parties.

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