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How to Properly Use Stock Photos on Your Website

Unless your business has the capability to build a large enough image library for your website, newsletters and social media content, you will likely find yourself in a place where you will need to use stock photography to build out and enhance your site. Stock photos are not uncommon, even in the highest ranking websites on Google, Bing and other search engines. However, making sure they are used properly will help your rankings.

Is the image you are using relevant to the topic?

When it comes to picking out images for your website, it’s best to lean away from metaphor and more towards literal interpretation. While you may write about topics that are more open to interpretation, images that relate directly to the content will help boost your rankings. Relevant images that go with the topic of your website, blogs and service pages with corresponding alt text will help boost your rankings and help convert users who view your site in search results to potential customers on your website.

How would your selected image work as a featured snippet?

Featured snippets are excerpted articles that answer long-tail queries types into search. The featured image from the article or page that is used in a featured snippet is often featured in a thumbnail. If the image does not relate to the query or the topic of your content, a user may be less likely to click on it and view the rest of your site than if the image does factor into what your main focus is.

Does the image you are using help at all with conversions?

Does your business focus on a specific clientele? Many businesses may not think that a factor as small as the images used on their websites can help drive conversions, but depending on your customers, stock photos can help! For example, if your business is a cosmetic brand, for example, your customer base is likely to be primarily women. Using imagery of women using your products will likely result in conversions, especially if they are backed by strong testimonials and reviews and the women look happy to be using your product.

What about alt text?

Alt text is a brief description of the image, detailing what is pictured and how it relates to your business. Alt text should be short but use relevant keywords, such as “granite countertop installed by Bob’s Counters.” Alt text is important for both original and stock imagery and should be included on all photos used for your website. 

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