How to Promote a Low Volume Searched Word or Event

Thinking about creating an AdWords account for an event you’re hosting or product that you’re trying to sell, but you know there is a low search volume for this type of event/product; but you also know that one lead from this AdWords Campaign can open the door to a big profit? If that’s the case, here are two ways that can help you get everything out of your ad:

Sitelinks Strategy: These extensions will appear below your add, and they will show specific links that lead to your site’s most important pages, which helps customers get to what they are looking for in less clicks. These sites will help to grab the attention of users, who may be interested in attending your event, or purchasing your services/products; sitelinks can also be helpful when users are searching for search terms that are not exactly the same as your ad, but are within the same category.

There are really two types of sitelinks: 1. Are links that are topically similar to what a typical person will be searching for, and 2. Links that are more geared towards branded items or pages within your site.

Below you will find an example of an ad that uses sitelinks to promote their most important pages:






Remarketing: This is a great feature within Google AdWords; it allows you to stay connected to those users, who are most interested in your products/services/events. This way you will know who you’re targeted audience is, and you can start to promote ads that are geared to this population.

In the future, if you’re promoting a service or event that doesn’t necessarily generate a huge search volume, follow the instructions above; there are plenty of ways to promote keywords and services, despite their search volume.

If you’re hosting an event or selling a product where one lead can result in a huge profit, you should do everything in your power to promote that ad!

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