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How to Prevent Abandoned Carts on Your eCommerce Site

When you’re running an eCommerce business, the most important goal you can set for your website is to get the highest possible purchase amounts you can get. You might have fantastic SEO and are doing all the right things, but somehow people are still abandoning their carts before checkout. Don’t worry; there are still plenty of things that you can do to amend this issue! We highlight the most effective ways of reducing abandoned carts.

Include A Return Policy

One of the biggest reasons why people might be abandoning their carts is because there isn’t a guarantee that they can return their items if they aren’t satisfied with them. A great way to amend this issue is by including a clear return policy on your website. You can make a whole service page dedicated to this, but that shouldn’t be the only place where it’s seen. Prior to checkout or on the checkout page, you should include that return policy so there’s a guarantee that people will see it before they buy. This helps to increase trust between your website and its customers.

Highlight Testimonials

A proven way of increasing trust in your products and services is by word of mouth from other people. You should be highlighting testimonials in places where your audience can easily see them (your homepage, at checkout, etc.). You can also include the option to leave reviews for specific products! This will allow your audience to read firsthand experiences with the products on your website. People will be much more likely to complete their purchase if they have a better understanding of what they’re getting.

You can also boost the number of testimonials you get by implementing it into your social media marketing. Create specific posts asking your audience to leave reviews for your website and it’s products. The more reviews you get, the better!

Create An Email List

Reading a message directly off of a billboard or website doesn’t achieve the same effects as reading a personal email. Since these types of messages are more intimate and tailored to a specific audience, they are a great way of building trust between your website and its audience. This is another feature that you can push onto your social media marketing; by making posts advertising it, it will reach more of your audience and encourage more of them to sign up!

Improve Your SEO With Boston Web Marketing

Our expert team at Boston Web Marketing are no strangers to the issue of abandoned carts. We’ll work with you to amend the issue and improve the SEO on your website! You’ll be able to reach a wider audience and get the conversions that your business needs. To find out more about how we can help you, fill out a contact form or call 857-526-0096 for more information.

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