How to Personalize Your Website

Besides looking aesthetically pleasing, you want your website to resonate with your visitors on a personal level.  When your users have positive experiences with your site, they will inevitably spend more time with your site, and this establishes a trusted relationship between brand and consumer.
Here are five elements you can include on your website to give your users a more personalized experience with your brand.
Relevant Content

Whether your revamping your site’s homepage, or writing content, here are a few questions to keep in mind:

  • What is my customer’s greatest need?
  • What is my user looking for in my website?
  • What will my customer relate to?
  • What might turn them away?

 “About Us,” “Contact Us,” and “Meet the Team” Pages

Putting a face to the name establishes a sound relationship and allows your customers to feel more comfortable now that they know your brand.
Reviews and Testimonials

You want your users to see why your business is the best choice to fit their needs.  Let your patrons speak with you!  Adding testimonials allows new visitors to your site to read personal stories and recommendations from real customers.
“Provide Us With Feedback” Section

Having a feedback survey on your site is beneficial for both parties: you get to learn more about your customer’s needs, and your customers can voice their opinions about their experience with you.   The more you learn about your visitors, the better you can make the online experience for other visitors.
Live Chat

Implementing a live chat feature might work for your business to make it easier for visitors to have their questions answered immediately.
Upcoming Events and Promotions

Promote your upcoming events so visitors can know about what’s happening in your store such as new location openings, sales, and more.

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