How to Personalize Your Brand’s Online Presence

In a world where anyone can start a business, it can be hard for consumers to know which brands to trust, especially online. Personalizing your brands image both online and in person can boost your brand authority, distinguish your business from competitors, and increase customer loyalty.

Respond to Reviews

Your business should be getting reviews on platforms such as Google & Yelp. Since you are able to comment under your business name, when someone leaves you a positive review, personally thank them in a comment! This will acknowledge their help and make others want to leave reviews. These platforms are available to anyone, so you could get a few negative comments along with all of the positive ones. Don’t neglect responding to these too – It will make your brand look better if you show that you care by apologizing for any inconvenience & offering to work with them on the matter.

Send a Welcome Email

When someone signs up to be on your email list, personalize the experience by sending them a welcome email that thanks them for signing up & tells what type of content they can expect – Sale announcements, coupons, newsletters, etc. You might even include a coupon code in here as an incentive! Along with showing gratitude, a welcome email reminds them that they signed up for you so that they won’t look at your regular emails as spam.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key to create one brand image. For your online presence, first make sure you are consistently posting to social media, expanding your website, and sending email blasts. You should be maintaining a consistent voice throughout these platforms – Humanize your brand! Remember that you are talking to real people, and not everything has to be formal or standardized. People are less likely to respond to something that looks like it was written from a template or by a robot. To achieve personalization, add some personality to your online presence and be consistent with it.

Follow Up

After a customer receives your product or service, follow up with them via phone call or email to thank them and make sure they are satisfied with your work. This is another way to show that you are grateful for their business and care that they are happy. Following up is also an opportunity to ask clients to write you an review!

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