How to Overcome Challenges with Blog Writing & Content Creation

Writer’s block is a common occurrence among bloggers, with good reason: the internet is saturated with information, techniques and takes on products, services and different ways to do things. Coming up with a unique topic that relates your business and user base can take a lot of creativity and work. If you find yourself struggling with creating your website content, follow these tips!

Coming Up with Topics & Performing Keyword Research

Between short, one-word keywords and longer phrases, you probably have a good idea of what topics are relevant to your business and user base. Now you need to find where your site can be built out to rank higher in search results, above your competition. Some ways you can do this include:

  • Taking a specific and different angle on a topic popular in your industry. This can be a hot topic, seasonal or a new development on a preexisting practice or technique.
  • Creating a new, unique keyword in the form of a question that may be asked by a prospective client.
  • Performing a study on your business and using the results to build content, including how users can benefit from your services and the effectiveness of your products.

Generating Traffic from Your Content

After your content is written, the next challenge is getting people to go to it and click through to your website. In an oversaturated online world, you need to make sure your content is easily searchable and that you have built authority in your field. There are several ways you can use and repurpose the same piece of content to access every potential viewer.

  • Sharing on social media. While social media reach has grown exponentially in recent years, each network has its own different algorithms that affect the type of content each user sees, and therefore what they can interact with without performing a specific search. Not every person who follows your social media accounts may see every post, which can affect who clicks through to your site.
  • Create infographics. Use the information listed in your blog to create visuals with representation of the key points. These can be used for how-to articles, X-reasons why and articles listing different ways to do things.
  • Turning your blog into a video or podcast. Did you know that YouTube is the second-biggest search engine available online? By turning your blogs into short, informative videos, your content will be able to be read by an additional search engine and you will be able to provide additional imagery, alt text and tags. If you do not have video capabilities but you have access to audio, you can create short podcasts that contain the data and even the text from your blog, where it can continue to be indexed by Google using the transcript feature.

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