How To Outrank Your Competitions Website

It is 2021 and how your business is presented in the digital world is as important as ever. Competition exists in every industry, and competing against others in The SEO world is as tough as it gets. Ranking for certain keywords in your respective industry is essential to getting more business and traffic to your website. Here are the best ways to outrank your competition when it comes to website ranking.

Quality not Quantity

Having a strong word count on a page on your website is good and looks professional, but it is not as important as you may think. Instead, aim for quality over quantity. If you can get across your point or information without being too wordy, do it. Another aspect when it comes to quality across your pages that is more important than word count is how you structure and format the page. Always remember to implement H-Tags. H-Tags are essentially headings that help break up and organize your web page.

Internal Links

Internal links are clickable text that enables users to go from one page on your website to the next. Internal links help build domain authority and will keep users on your website longer. Having internal links floating around your web pages is not only important for users, but for SEO. If your website lacks internal links, you are missing out. Internal links should be placed a few times throughout a blog post, navigation pages, and product pages.

Core Web Vitals

Understanding your website’s Core Web Vitals is vital, pun intended. Core Web Vitals are a metric used by Google to help determine how user-friendly your website is. Using free applications such as Google Page Speed Insights and Google Search Console can help your website improve regarding core web vitals. Test your website’s page speed often, and even test it against your competitors’ website. Doing this will help you determine how fast or slow your website is loading compared to others. Using Google Search Console will help you see what drives users to your website. Google Search Console will inform you what keywords work best for your website and what needs improvements.

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