How To Optimize YouTube Videos For SEO

Video content is becoming more important for small businesses. With Google’s video search feature, having great video content can be a good way to get your business to show up in more places. However, video content can be a much larger investment than blogging and standard social media. Not only that but succeeding on YouTube can be challenging. For many small businesses, seeing a lack of success on an expensive time-consuming video can be very disheartening. That is why it is important to optimize your videos for YouTube.

Optimizing Video Descriptions & Titles

Similar to optimizing metadata on a website, videos on YouTube also have titles and descriptions. It is recommended that you treat your title’s the way you would treat a page title. However, video descriptions are very different. Instead of being limited to 160 characters, a YouTube video description can contain multiple sentences and paragraphs. In the last few years, YouTube also added description hashtags. Up to three hashtags in the description will show up underneath the video player and above the description. These hashtags provide context for viewers and are opportunities to rank for keywords. It is recommended that you choose your three hashtags carefully including, service name, name of your business, and other keywords.

Keyword Tags

YouTube also allows for keyword tags just like websites do. The best recommendation is to use as many keywords as possible. However, it is important that keywords make sense and are relevant to your video content. Keywords that are relevant to your business but are not relevant to your video can negatively impact their strength. For example, a plumber that posts a “DIY” video for unclogging a toilet should write “unclog toilet” “how to unclog toilet” & “plumbing solutions” but shouldn’t write “repair septic tank”. Although that is a service this plumber provides, it is not relevant to that specific video.

Linking Social Media

YouTube is a social platform. And there has been a consistent trend that social platforms have a synergy effect. Linking your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms in your YouTube videos description has been noted to increase view count. The goal is to create a web of links between social platforms and your website. Your website should feature a link to each platform on the contact page or in the footer, and each social page should not only link to your website, but also to your other social media accounts. You also want to include links to YouTube and other platforms on listing sites like Yelp, MapQuest, and also on Google My Business.

Rich Snippets & Video Schema Markups

Another great way to get views is to host your YouTube video on your website. And to utilize different schema markups. First, you want to include a link to your YouTube channel in your local business schema if you have it. You can also make video schema that will boost how your video appears in video search data. Using schema markups is a great way to ensure that your best content performs.

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