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How to Optimize Your Youtube Channel

Optimizing your Youtube channel is essential for those in the business of creating video content. Having a creative niche that you will be known for is important; however, that is not the only thing you’ll need to drive success. Continue reading to learn about the best ways to optimize your channel for SEO. 

Create the Best Titles & Descriptions

Having a wordy title can hinder your SEO efforts. Your Youtube title should be about 50 characters without including your brand name. Use keywords in your title, but make sure you use relevant keywords and avoid stuffing. Furthermore, use words that promise value. Give a bit of insight on what the video will be about and what your audience will gain from watching. 

Your description should consist of the following: supporting links, texts, and timestamps. Use supporting text for additional context or a brief description of the content in your video. Do not write a long paragraph about things already mentioned. Including timestamps helps your audience jump to key components of your video; this will increase engagement and get them to watch your video for longer. Use links to direct your audience to specific external pages. 

Pick a Great Thumbnail

Pick a thumbnail that works best for you. Those with eye-catching details such as bright colors and clear pictures typically do well. To know which thumbnail works best for you, utilize Youtube analytics! Choose your videos with the highest impressions and click-through rates, and look at the thumbnail you’ve used. Create a trend by using the same thumbnail style for all of your videos. This helps your audience identify your videos in searches easier and improve the impressions of all of your videos. 

Clean Out Your Channel

Having a lot of content on your channel does not give you the boost you may think it will. If you have many videos, but a lot are pretty low-quality and irrelevant to your brand, it’ll be best for you to unlist them. Videos that are hard to understand, gain little to no views, or have low retention rates should be removed from your channel. Cleaning out the bad to make room for higher quality will help your SEO efforts immensely. 

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