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How To Optimize Your YouTube Channel

The amount of video content across the web is continuously growing. Videos are a great way to increase engagement and drive traffic to your website. Creating interesting video content that educates your audience on your product or service can help get a leg up on the competition. 

YouTube is one of the largest and most used video content platforms on the internet, with over a billion users each month. If you are interested in jumping into the world of video content, creating an engaging YouTube channel is the perfect place to start. Here are some of the ways that you can optimize your YouTube channel for SEO. 

Optimize Video Titles and Descriptions

Titles and descriptions for videos are just as crucial to SEO as regular page and blog content. A title is a place where you should include your most important keywords, as this is what shows up on results pages. Utilize long-tail keywords here because the title should be an accurate description of what the video will show you. 

The description is another place to incorporate keywords. In regards to length, make sure the description is 250 words or more. It is good SEO practice to include a transcription of the video in the description to include more relevant information that search engines can pick up on. 

Add Links to Your Site Throughout The Video

If the goal of your YouTube channel is to drive traffic back to your website, you should include links throughout the video and description. If the video mentions a product or service, include a timestamp with the corresponding link in the video description. This will allow users to navigate to your website quickly.

Focus on Hashtags 

Similar to other social media platforms, utilizing hashtags will help increase engagement on your video. You should conduct keyword and competitor research to compile a list of hashtags that will bring users to your video. Choose keywords with less competition, so you have a better chance of showing up. 

Include Calls to Action 

Even if your video is getting a lot of views, if you don’t include a solid call to action, these viewers will not turn into conversions. Calls to action can be included at the beginning or the end of the video. Add a screen at the end of the video with information urging viewers to visit your website or purchase your product. 

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Boston Web Marketing will build and maintain strong SEO across your website and all social media platforms. Contact Boston Web Marketing at 857.526.0096 to have experts optimize your YouTube video content with keywords, links, and calls to action.  

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