How To Optimize Your Welcome Emails

Email marketing could probably be one of the most important factors in engaging with your customers. It is important that you make a good impression the first time at bat, which is why you should make sure to properly optimize your welcome email, the one that new subscribers receive after signing up for your mailing list.

Here we have a list of step-by-step optimizing tools/tips for your welcome emails!

  • Subject Line
    • This is the first thing a reader sees after reading who the email was sent to. Make sure that it is attention grabbing and engages your reader! Tip: Having the word “sale” in the welcome email subject line increases click through rates. Having the word “save” can potentially hurt because users want immediate satisfaction, they either want to know that there is a legitimate percentage off or not.
  • Time Sent
    • Rather than scheduling your welcome emails to send during a specific time, send them right away once the user has signed up. Real-time emails are more likely to be opened than emails that are sent in batches during specific times.
  • ‘From’ Email
    • Making your emails a little more personal goes a long way. Rather than having a ‘no-reply’ email for your readers to respond to, add your business email instead. This way they know that if they have any questions, they are going to the right person.
  • Content (body of welcome email)
    • Thank your customer for joining – this is where you offer the sale (whether it be a percentage off or a free product – be creative!)
    • Set expectations for how often your new customers will be hearing from you
    • Inform the reader of your privacy policy. Ensure them that by giving you their email, it will not be taken advantage of (spam, excessive emailing, etc.)
    • Request further information from your reader for future communication to improve their experience.

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