How to Optimize Your Website Through Video

According to marketing research, people spend an average of 16 hours watching videos a week, with 84% of them convinced of buying products or services by being influenced to watch online. YouTube also confirms that 70% of users are watching through mobile devices. Businesses that are not utilizing their marketing strategies through videos miss out on a big opportunity with traffic, customers, and conversions. While you should already be focusing on video marketing through search, there are other ways with a video that can reach a wider audience.

Frequently Asked Questions Video

Text can often seem mistranslated, which is why creating a video that best answers your customer’s questions can build trust and a relationship when providing information. Customers engage better if they feel connected with the brand/company’s personality. Personality sells, which is why it is essential to emphasize your answers with care.

Can Increase Time Spent On Page

Video optimization is a ranking factor for Google, so videos can make a massive impact on your site and improve your search rankings from an SEO perspective. Just like how you research keywords for content, this also applies to video. Focus on keywords in your video and be prepare a transcript. Search engines are unable to read video, which is why transcript supplements your video content. By doing this can significantly improve your rank for keyword searches.

Add Video to The Very Top of Your Page

When a user lands on your page, it only takes them a few seconds to decide to scroll down your content. Having a video placed on the top can intrigue your user. Furthermore, suppose you plan on having multiple videos on one page. In that case, you should place the most relevant video at the top as search engines typically will only index one video per page.

Sharing Gratitude To Your Customers

Personally, saying thank you to your customers shows the level of care and attention for their loyalty to your brand. According to Vanessa, it can improve the customer experience and bring in more subscriptions to your business newsletter. Bohns, who writes in the Harvard Business Review, said your users are 34 times more likely to engage more through video than in writing.

If you have not started utilizing video content, now is the time. Start writing down your action plan and focus on the message and goal for your video. If you are a business owner struggling to get found anywhere, consider speaking to Boston Web Marketing to guide you there. Get in touch today and allow us to provide you short, long term solution to your website needs.

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