How To Optimize Your Website In 2018

During the first few weeks of the new year, you can sometimes find a jump in traffic. Typically, once all of the holidays are over, people are looking for things online. Similarly, people at work might be wanting a break and they might be searching for a specific service they need to be done to their home.

This being said, you may want to optimize your website to get it ready for the influx of traffic coming in the next few weeks. What can you do to optimize and get ready for 2018?

Optimization in the New Year

Site Audits

It is always a good idea to double check your content every once in a while. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to do a site audit like this.
Thin content can get you downgraded very quickly on search engines. Similarly, you will want to be looking for H-tags, as well as internal linking and architecture.

Keyword Research

Keyword research should be an ongoing process. Like a site audit, the beginning of the new year is the perfect time to start up with keyword research again.
While you may already have a list of keywords, switching out keywords, as well as adding to the list is crucial in staying relevant online. This being said, new, fresh keywords that are up-to-date can help your positioning on the search engine results page.

Freshen Up Content

A content refresh can be great, as the freshness of content is a highly rated criterion in the Google algorithm, amongst other search engines as well.
Sometimes it can be great to even take the content that you already have and then rewrite it in a more current way. This helps to keep the freshness up, as well as ensuring that the content is high-quality.

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