How to Optimize Your Page Titles

In addition to the SEO impact and best practices that we incorporate into page titles, it’s crucial to focus on their effects on the clickthrough rate and how our audience is compelled to continue onto the site. Continue reading this blog post to discover how to best optimize your page titles to create a coercive, click-worthy title tag.

Understanding Page Titles

Writing a page title can be tricky, as it is the HTML tag that users first see on their search results page; you want your title to be flawless. This is the first indication to users to guide them towards your site or steer them away to continue searching. It is also essential to understand that page titles should not exceed 60 characters. That being said, incorporating all of the critical data you’re looking to have in your page title can be tricky to do in under 60 characters. 

The Most Important Items to Incorporate 

To better understand what you should be adding to your page title, the following items are the most important to include for the best SEO optimization

  • The page’s context within the site
  • Keywords to understand user’s intent
  • Unique tags
  • Location
  • Call to action

It is not mandatory to include every one of these items in your page title. 60 characters can be taken up quickly when trying to fit every significant bit of information. To provide you with an example, let’s pretend you are a Pizza shop in Chicago. If your web page is dedicated to deep-dish pizza, and you know that this is a popular keywords user’s search for in your area, a strong page title may look something like this:

Chicago’s Best Deep-Dish Pizza | Tony’s Pizza Parlor

This is an ideal page title, as it has the user’s intent keywords, a location and incorporates the context for the web page, all while only 52 characters.

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