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How to Optimize Your FAQ Page

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) pages are valuable to users interacting with your website and looking for more information. These pages are helpful for businesses within all industries, from a shoe store to a law firm. The ultimate reason FAQ pages are necessary is to create a smooth and easy consumer experience. If they have a question they can find on your FAQ page, they will not have to take the extra step to call with a question and continue their purchase without leaving your site. FAQ pages hold a ton of potential to further your SEO efforts. Here, we will go over how to best optimize your FAQ page for SEO.

Use Data to Determine Questions

When you are building your FAQ page and thinking of which information to add to the page, use your data! Go back into past notes, messages on social media, or customer support questions to determine what people have the most questions about. If you are not getting many questions over the phone or through social media, you can always ask consumers directly with a survey through email to see what they may have questions about. 

Clear Yet Enticing Answers

Your answers to these questions must be clear, informative, and specific. Consumers are going to this page to receive a clear answer for a question they had, so you want to give them the answer they are looking for. It could be a simple yes or no answer, but that gives you the ability to elaborate with as much information as possible. Within your answers, if given the opportunity, you could even throw in some call to action or discounts you offer. Say the question was along the lines of “Do I need to sign up for _____?” You could answer, “No, but when you do, you can receive 50% off, sign up here!” You have responded to their questions and enticed them with a discount. 

Internal Linking

Odds are, there are pages on your website that the consumer may have glossed over, that hold the answer to a few of their questions. Your answers on your FAQ page are a great idea to link them back to the page they are wondering about. This will answer their question and also lead them right back to their purchasing journey. Only use the internal links when it makes sense and will be valuable to their question. 

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