How to Optimize Your Business for Multiple Locations?

If your business has more than one location, it’s important to use SEO to drive business to all of your locations, not just one. Here are some ideas for making sure that each of your business locations will be found via search.

On-site Location Pages

Regardless of the type of business you own, as you open new locations, you should have a corresponding webpage on your site about that location. This allows Google and other search engines to understand you have a new location. Within the webpage, be sure to include the phone number associated with the location in addition to the address. In terms of this page’s metadata, including the location city/state in the page title and meta description. Like any page you publish on your site, this should include some call to action whether it be a contact form or just a clickable “Call Now” button so that users can reach out.

Local Business Schema

Multiple location businesses should be adding a snippet of code to their specific locations pages called Schema Markup. This is a snippet of code designed to be read by search engines to better understand things like Name, Address, Phone Number, Hours, and Industry. Schema Markup also allows your location to be shown in Google Knowledge Graphs & Search Carousels that are at the top of Google Search. Schema Markup is an underutilized tool across the web and adding this to your location page can really assist in jump-starting your search rankings for a new location.

Off-Site Listings and Optimization

As your business opens new locations, create Google My Business & Bing Places listings that contain these locations information. As you fill this listing out with the correct name, phone number, and address, it will also ask you to list your website. Remember that location page we created? Us this as a link, as opposed to the home page as this helps Google and Bing understand you have multiple locations.  While these are the two most important listings you need to create for your new location, you should consider creating an Apple Business listing, Facebook page, and any other industry-specific listings that make sense for your business.

How Users Find Your Business

Completing all three of these tasks provides Google all the information it needs to show your business as a result when your products or services are searched. Google’s Algorithm update named “Pigeon’ was designed to provide users local results for their queries. Optimizing the content on and off your site while linking them where possible provides Google’s Algorithm enough context to show your business in search results.

Boston Web Marketing; Helping Clients Get Found For their Services Where They Are Offered

Regardless of your industry, being found 1st or even on the front page, in general, is going to be competitive. Taking the necessary steps online to optimize a new location can mean the difference between that location succeeding or failing. If you have opened or are planning on opening a new location for your business and want to ensure it is found by your target demographic, contact Boston Web Marketing today.

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