How to Optimize Your Business for Multiple Locations

How to Optimize Your Business for Multiple Locations

Maybe you have a small chain of dry cleaning stores or a café that did so well it sprouted another location.  Either way, you want to use SEO to drive business to all of you locations, not just one.  Here are some ideas for making sure that each of your business locations is findable.

Whether you realize it or not, most searchers enter a city and state when making a search in the internet.  So in order to do well, you want to create information specific for each of your target markets (town/cities). The way to go here is to make sure that your site has some individual pages/urls for the search engines to index for you.  By doing this, you can also created better on-page optimized content that targets that market area for your business.  Things you can include are facts about the location or town, optimized titles and images, and anything that makes one location unique unto itself.   Of course, be wary of duplicating too much content form one location to another or the usefulness of these pages diminishes.

Listings.  Make sure to create a Google+ Local listing for each location.  As long as you have a real physical address for each storefront, you are good to go.  Make sure to use the opportunity here of describing any unique details of each location to add to its description.  There are also many other listing boards, some business  specific, that will be happy to carry information about each of your locals.  Do some searching, find them, and add listings for each of your locations.

The goal here is to get people who search for bakeries in San Diego to find yours.  Even if you’re also in six other towns across the state.  Boston Web Marketing is available to help you with all of your SEO work and to make sure that each of your locations is well-represented.


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