How To Optimize Your Blog Post

You’ve written a compelling blog post that appeals to your target audience, now you want to maximize your SEO efforts to rank better in search results. Well, it’s actually not that hard to do, it just takes a bit of patience. Here’s a quick guide on how to do so:

Research keywords

Think carefully, do some research, and write down keywords or phrases that you want your blog post to be found for. You’d want to incorporate those keywords into your post so that Google will know what your text is primarily focused on. By incorporating keywords you will hopefully increase your Google rankings and your website will be able to be more easily found!

Title & H-Tags

Make sure keywords are incorporated into your blog title and h-tags too! A strong title is important for your blog post as it can attract and intrigue visitors to reading your blog. H-tags are also just as important as they will communicate with Google exactly what questions and topics are being addressed in your post. With that information, Google will be able to rank your blog page and website higher when people are searching for similar topics.

Meta Description

Adding correct, clear, & precise page titles & meta descriptions will help gain your click-through rate from search engines. Page titles should consist of 60 characters and meta descriptions should consist of 155-60 characters. Make sure to write a clear description. You should also incorporate your keywords here as well. The more places you put your keywords the better! However, be sure not to keyword stuff as Google will actually penalize your website for that. You can avoid keyword stuffing by making sure your content and descriptions make sense and you include the keywords naturally.


Images are a great way to best support your content. Adding keywords to your images, (also known as “Alt Text”), can be time-consuming, but it will certainly give it an extra boost to your search ranking. By adding “Alt Text” to your images you are communicating with Google exactly what is in that photo.

Internal Linking

One SEO strategy you cannot forget is internal links. You’ve worked hard to attract your readers to your page, now you’d want to retain them by adding links to relevant content. Throughout your blog post, link other pages of your website that relate to certain keywords and topics. This will create a better user experience and allow your visitors to see everything your website has to offer on various topics.

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As we know, SEO takes time, so it is best to optimize now than later. Having said this, you also want to make sure your blog post is unique and engaging to your readers. Following these steps will help maximize your SEO efforts which will make your website more visible to your target audience. Keep serving them quality content and they will be back for more! For SEO assistance, reach out to Boston Web Marketing today! We offer free website audits and would be happy to take care of your SEO work for you. Contact us today by giving us a call at 857-526-0096 or by filling out a contact form!

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