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How to Optimize Your Anchor Text

Anchor text is the label used on links, clickable text that can be crawled by search engines and bots to provide context for internal links within your content. Optimizing your anchor text can help boost your rankings and provide a better user experience for whoever is reading your content. By following these steps, you can get the most out of your anchor text.

What keywords are you ranking for? What pages rank the highest?

Different keywords may have different weights in terms of your content and current rankings. Perform a few different keyword reports, including random searches, ranking reports and even reports through Google Keyword Planner to see how competitive your searches are. You can also use reports from Google Analytics and Google Search Console to see what pages on your website rank the highest and get the most traffic through organic search. Your highest-viewed and ranking pages should be used to create internal links in relevant content, especially if they are describing your products or services.

What is the anchor text on your top-ranked pages?

Most pages on your website should have at least two internal links, likely more in order to make sure your content is relevant to your users and to keep people on your website for longer periods of time. What are you using for anchor text on your top-performing pages? While you need to make sure your website is filled with fresh content for ranking and search engine optimization, you can use similar text to link to different posts or pages about the same topics.

What about your URLs?

Have your URLs been optimized for search results? This is something else that can help determine your anchor text. If your URL structure is currently, it can be difficult for users to remember and search engines to crawl. When you are optimizing for your anchor text, optimizing your URL structure should be another task on your list. Simpler URL structures, such as or for a blog post can make your website easier to digest and crawl. 

Search Engine Optimization Services from Boston Web Marketing

If you aren’t sure how to go about optimizing your anchor text or how to see where your website traffic goes, contact Boston Web Marketing! Our team will be able to perform a content audit throughout your entire site and determine your highest rankings and where your site can use improvement for search rankings. For more information, contact us today!

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