How To Optimize SEO Titles With Trending Keywords

When creating blogs and pages for your website, it is important to consider what people search for on search engines. Many trending keywords are based on today’s latest trends from social media. Title optimization for blogs and website content is critical to getting traffic, conversions, and sales. The best way to do this is by including many trending and popular keywords while avoiding keyword stuffing. With the appropriate amount of keywords to create a practical title, there is lots of potential to generate traffic to your site. Read below to learn how to optimize SEO titles with trending keywords.

3 Ways To Optimize SEO Titles


Keep the title short

When it comes to writing page titles, longer is not always better. Including lots of words does not benefit your site. The number of characters before the page title gets cut off on a search result page is 60 characters. It’s a good idea to target one keyword per page, that way, you can optimize that specific keyword. A page title that is straight to the point and enticing to the reader will generate clicks to your website over a long and cut-off one.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Overusing your keywords to improve your ranking on search engines is the act of keyword stuffing. This involves placing trending keywords in your title tag, description, and body copy. It is best not to use the trending keyword in your title tag more than twice. Not only is it unacceptable to use keyword stuffing, but it makes your title look spammy and challenging to read for users. It will hurt your ranking on search engines, rather than thinking it will help you by including all the keywords. There are penalties that Google can give to websites for using keyword stuffing, so it is essential to know how to avoid this. Below is a list of places to avoid keyword stuffing and prevent yourself from getting a Google penalty:

  • title tag
  • header tag
  • body tag
  • alt text
  • domain name
  • hyperlink

Write your title for people, not search engines

When writing SEO titles, we sometimes lose track of who will read and click on these pages. When thinking of how to write a page title, think about a human who will be reading it and eventually clicking on that page. The title should make sense and shouldn’t look spammy or like a sketchy website. If you want to generate more traffic to your website, consider writing titles that make sense to humans first. It is easy to focus on what will help our ranking and include keywords and phrases that will help do so. But in reality, we should write these titles for people first and then worry about search engines later. Google is not going to be clicking on our site; rather, people using Google will be when they are searching for something. A page title that is clear to what is being offered to people is a page title that will generate the most traffic.

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