How to Optimize Page Titles for Bing

Bing recently released a blog post that detailed some of the page title criteria it takes into consideration when displaying search results. According to Bing, the three keys to an effective title are as follows:

  • Make them relevant to the user: Just as with any other content on your website, make sure you are writing for the user first and foremost.
  • Strategize your snippets: Strategically choosing the words that go into your meta description can also have an effect on which page title Bing chooses.
  • Optimize URLs: Like Google, Bing also analyzes the URL structure of a page to decide whether or not it should publish the page in search results.

In its blog post, Bing provides a few additional components that it takes into account:

  • Avoid generic page titles, such as “Home” or “About Us”.
  • If you list your website on directories such as, ensure that your entry contains correct information.
  • Don’t blog Bing’s crawler – Somewhat of a no-brainer, but important to note nonetheless.

By keeping all of this criteria in mind, your website will hopefully index better in Bing, and as a result, yield higher rankings.

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