How To Optimize Meta Titles & Descriptions?

To utilize your page titles and meta descriptions for SEO, you should follow some specific guidelines to make them stand out among your competitors. When writing your page titles and meta descriptions, the rules to follow are simple yet effective, and making sure they are well-optimized helps drive traffic. 

Page titles and meta descriptions are HTML codes found on every page of your website. Just like a textbook, they tell you the title of each page that you are navigating to and a summary of that page. Search engines, such as Google, then utilize the keywords in page titles and meta descriptions to match up with search queries. 


How to Optimize Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

Understanding the importance of page titles and meta descriptions and how they drive your website’s performance is just the beginning. First, understanding some writing tips will help separate your titles and descriptions from your competitors. Keep reading below to learn more information on how to write compelling page titles and meta descriptions! 

Optimize for the SERP

Writing your page titles and meta descriptions is about matching up with what your potential customers are searching. Try to type in possible queries and see how Google displays the results. Page titles and descriptions, if not presented well, will make your competitor’s job much easier. 

Optimize for Search Intent

Another thing to keep in mind when writing your page titles and meta descriptions are the desire a searcher has when searching. There are a variety of different categories of search intent. Commercial searches are used when you are looking for the best prices for a product or service. Transactional searches are searches you do when wanting to make a direct purchase. Lastly, navigational searches are those you do when you want to go directly to a page you’re looking for. 

Use Unique Selling Points and Keywords 

Lastly, make sure to utilize your unique selling points and keywords when writing your PT and MDs. Businesses are constantly researching on Google’s SERPs to better understand what keywords get the most optimized results. On top of this, reviewing the ads at the top and bottom of the SERP can help you pick up important points that you may have missed. If companies spend money using particular words and phrases, it’s safe to assume that they’re the right keywords for that particular business. 

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