How To Optimize Google Maps For Your Business

Google Maps is one of Google’s most commonly used products, with millions of people using it to navigate traffic or find businesses near them every single day. Whether someone is trying to determine how much traffic is along their commute or find restaurants in their area, Google Maps offers an effective way to get live updates and directions to your destination. In order to make sure your listing is coming up when users search for businesses like yours on Google Maps, follow these steps!

Verify Your Business Information On GMB

If you’re starting a new business or have recently moved locations, it’s important to make sure that your listing has the most up-to-date information, rather than a competitor or previous address. If a user is getting directions on a mobile device, they may not get an updated image of your storefront in the knowledge panel. Leading potential customers to the wrong address may alienate them, leading to a higher amount of negative reviews on your listing, which can affect your ranking. Your Google Maps information can be updated right in your Google My Business dashboard. For more information on how you can set up and optimize your Google My Business profile, read our blog here!

Add A Map Widget To Your Website

Depending on the platform you have used to build your website, a plugin or widget may be available to implement a Google Maps widget right on your homepage! If a plugin is not available, Google has made it easy to find the snippet of code to embed the map right in your content. When you Google your business, you should see a map with your location marked in the knowledge panel on the search engine results page. Simply click on this map, then click “share”, and you should see an option to “Embed a map”. Copy this code and paste it into your webpages HTML code, and that map will now be visible on your website! Now, when a user visits your site, they’ll be able to zoom in and out in order to determine your businesses location in relation to other buildings and landmarks!

Check Your Other Maps Listings

Some of the most critical information to your SEO efforts is your business name, address and phone number. Making sure that this information is consistent across your website, social media accounts, and listing sites will make sure that your site can keep building high rankings across the major search engines like Google and Bing. You should also make sure your information is correct on third-party apps like Waze, another navigation platform that can be used on mobile devices to provide directions and traffic updates.

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