How to Merge Facebook Pages

There are many reasons you may find duplicate Facebook pages for your business. Maybe a previous employee set up your company page, left the company, and you had to create a new one. Maybe someone created a Facebook personal page rather than a company page and down the line a company page was also created. Or maybe you are going through a rebranding period and have different Facebook pages for different aspects of your business.

Whatever the reason, having more than one Facebook page can be confusing to your online audience. But don’t worry, Facebook allows you to take your duplicate Facebook pages and merge them into one cohesive company page.

You will need a few things to get started

  • You must be an admin on both accounts
  • Your pages must have similar names and represent the same thing
  • Both pages must have the same address if they have a physical address


Merging Facebook pages is a permanent solution, once you’ve merged one page into another, the page that was merged will be deleted. This is why it is important to make sure you are prepared before starting the merging process.

Find out how many pages you actually have out there. You can do this by performing a simple Facebook search of your company’s name. If you find multiple duplicate pages you will need to merge each one until there is only one page left.

Let Your Audience Know

Make sure to let the audience of both Facebook pages know you are in the process of merging. This can be done by creating a simple post informing followers your pages will now be merged. You can even go as far as informing your email list about the change in Facebook pages.

Download Your Data

Likes, reviews, and check-in of the page you are merging will be brought over to the new page, but everything else from the old page will be deleted. That means posts, photos, events, and comments will all be gone. One thing you can do, previously to merging Facebook pages, is download all the data from the duplicate page so you can still access this information even after that page is deleted.

Merge Pages

Once you have completed all the prior steps you are ready to merge your Facebook pages. It is recommended that you merge the page with the least amount of likes into the page with the highest amount of likes.  Once you are ready go to, select the two pages you want to merge and click continue, then select the page you want to keep then click request merge. It’s as simple as that! Facebook will then take some time to review your request and let you know once the process is approved. Once you have successfully merged your facebook page you will want to make sure your page is verified and all the information is correct.


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