How Can I Measure the Success of My Social Media Campaigns?

When utilizing social media, you should certainly be measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns. Do not just measure it for the sake of having numbers, but rather measure how you are doing to learn what’s successful and what isn’t. This way you can learn and improve the messages you are pushing out there.
How can you truly measure the success of your social media?
Determine your social goals:
Before starting your campaign and utilizing social media, you must first develop goals that you would like to achieve. What is it that you are trying to accomplish and what are the most relevant social media channels in which you can reach your goals?
Create Metrics to Measure These Goals:
After creating goals, you need to develop metrics to measure these goals. Depending on your goals, you should be observing the reach of your messages, the engagement you receive (people that interacted with your message) and the conversions (People that took your desired action because of the message).
Measure Success:
Your metrics needs to be measurable.  Some social media platforms will provide the analytical data while you may need a third party tool to figure out others. If you’re not sure what tools to use for which social media platforms, run a google search and you will find a ton of options. When using these tools, be sure that you plan ahead and understand how to use them before your campaign begins. For example, accessing twitter data from a range of a few days is more expensive and less reliable compared to collecting it in real time.

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