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How To Maximize Your Site’s Conversion Potential

One of the most important metrics for quantifying the performance of your website is your conversions. While you may have plenty of visitors coming to your site, it is ultimately your conversions which tell the story of how much business your site is generating. This means that tracking them properly, and making them easy for users to find & fill out, is one of the single most important tasks to perform on your website. Interested in learning more about how to properly track your site’s conversions? Keep reading below for more information!

Make Your Contact Forms Easy To Find

The first thing you should do make your contact forms easy to find & use. There are a number of different choices for where to install contact forms. Of course, you should have a page on your website menu called “Contact” which has a form on it, but there are other options as well. A few of the most common include a contact form in the site’s footer, which is accessible on every page. Similarly, you can have a contact form installed on your side bar which is accessible on any service pages. Lastly, you could choose to add a pop-up form on the side of your website that can be accessed on any page.

If you find that one form is getting more traction than another, or if you receive any specific feedback about them, you can make adjustments and add or remove forms as necessary. These are just a few ideas to get you started.

Be Sure To Check The Contact Forms

The last thing you want to do is have a properly optimized website with great conversion tracking and plenty of traffic, and then forgot to respond to all of your inquiries. Make sure you have your contact forms going to an email address that you regularly check so you don’t miss out on any leads!

Turn Phone Numbers Into Click to Calls

Particularly as web traffic is increasingly steering towards mobile, it is important to make it easy for users to call you straight from your website. It is very simple to installed click-to-call tracking, as it only requires a simple tel: code to ensure users can click on your phone number and call your office or cellphone at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, you can easily track these click to call conversions to ensure you know exactly how many phone calls are coming through your website. This is an important method of lead generation and conversion tracking that is important to employ on your site!

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