How to Maximize Your Remarketing Investment

When it comes to planning a marketing strategy, remarketing is a must-have tool you should be incorporating. Whether you’re looking into investing in remarketing or have already invested, be sure to read below the following basic tips to help maximize your returns.

1. Review Your Remarketing Campaign…Again

Remarketing campaigns are used to show ads to users that have already engaged with your content. If your campaign has not attracted any traffic from the beginning, then remarketing is not going to work. But what if it did work but suddenly dropped off? We recommend investigating any new campaigns or traffic sources that may have been set up near the same time the original campaign was launched in case there’s been a collision with the ads.

2. Analyze & Segment Like No Tomorrow

To fully maximize your data, building out custom reports and breaking them down to segments is key to finding the right goal for your target audience. Here are some examples of ways to you can use your data to reach out to a wider audience.

  • Build reports on time on site, average page depth and the average number of sessions per user are just the few that will help break down on where audiences are more likely to convert.
  • Build reports based on your audience demographics that are most likely to convert from the campaign.
  • Build out separate audiences off of users that visit certain pages that show clear signs of intention such as pricing pages, who users who added items to their cart.

3. Asses Your Content & How Audiences Engage With It

In Google Analytics, you can set up custom segments to analyze the performance of your content. Here are a few examples you can look at:

  • Which landing pages are performing the best.
  • Which pages are the most common exit pages.
  • What site searches they’re using.

With this information, you can utilize them to your benefit and make small updates to deliver each audience find what they are looking for more efficiently.

There you go, 3 basic tips for you to follow to ensure your remarketing structure is flowing correctly. If you’re a businessman looking to improve your search results, consider speaking to Boston’s number one SEO agency to get you back where you belong. Contact us today for a free consultation at 857-526-0096. We look forward to hearing from you!

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