How to Maximize the Conversion Rate on Your Website

You’ve finally started the business you’ve always dreamed of and you’ve created an awesome website for users to get more information about your services and to shop for the products you sell. You’re excited – people are actually coming to your website but now you need to get them to convert, whether that’s by placing an order, calling, filling out a contact form, or downloading a freebie. The process of converting a user to a paying customer can be a long, frustrating process but with these tips, your users will be converting in no time!

Have an easy to use, cohesive website

You’ve finally gotten a user to your website, don’t let them be met by a website that looks like it hasn’t been updated since 1990. Make sure your website is functional, easy to use, and reflects your brand. Having a cohesive design from your website and social media accounts to the traditional marketing materials you utilize and your brick and mortar space will allow the user to connect your brand across all platforms. Without even knowing that it’s your website, they’ll be able to tell from the branding.

The next thing to focus on is the layout of your website. Is it easy to find the information the user will need? Is your phone number easy to find? Is your main navigation menu confusing? By having a simple site that is easy to navigate through, the user will be more likely to convert.

Prove you are trustworthy

More likely than not, a user will arrive at your website and decide whether or not to work with you, purchase products from you, or utilize your services. Use your website as a space to highlight the experiences of your past customers by pulling in reviews. If you don’t have any, ask some of the customers you have a good relationship with and that were happy with their results to write a testimonial to feature on your website. If you’re a contractor, featuring before and after photos of jobs you’ve recently worked on will help highlight the work you’ve done. Other ways to prove trustworthiness is to use statistics that pertain to the work you’ve done, add certifications/awards you’ve received, or a portfolio to your website!

Have clear calls to action

What do you want the users to your website to do? Whether it’s to download a PDF, call, submit a contact form, or something else, it’s important to have clear calls to action in areas that it’s easy to notice them. If your call to action is only mentioned once on your website and it’s in the footer, you’re decreasing the chances of having the user convert. Try moving your contact form to your sidebar and have a heading above it telling them what to do. If you want users to call, make the phone number large and noticeable in the header of your site. If the user doesn’t know they’re supposed to engage with your website in a specific way, they won’t.

If you’re stuck for ideas, look around our website! In the sidebar, you’ll see a contact form for a free SEO analysis and in the header by the navigation menu, you see “Call Now!” with our phone number. These are all great places to start if you don’t have calls to action listed on your website yet.

Test, test, test

The most important thing you can do once implementing calls to action throughout your website is to test them. Pay attention to your analytics and the conversion tracking you have placed on the phone numbers and contact forms on your website. Have they drastically dipped? There could be something wrong! Aim to test your calls to action at least twice per month to ensure they are working and tracking properly. Also, keep track of how the user is interacting with your website so that you can make changes when necessary to ensure you are maximizing your conversions.

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