How to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Nowadays, it is absolutely imperative for your website to be mobile-friendly. The number of people using their mobile devices to search the web rather than a desktop drastically increases every year. Not only does it make it a user-friendly experience for consumers, but mobile-friendliness is now a ranking factor for Google’s SERP algorithm. There is a lot to consider when creating a website for mobile users; screen size, text size, images, and so much more. Read along further for some website advice from the experts at Boston Web Marketing to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

Simplify Menus

Website menus typically have many options, especially if you offer many different services. Unfortunately, when there are many menu items to look through on a small screen, you have to zoom in and click tiny buttons to navigate the website. If someone is on your website squinting to see the menu and clicking the wrong buttons because they are so small, they will immediately click off the page. Make sure that your menu is concise and fits on one screen.

Clear Call to Actions

Any call to action buttons on your website must be clear to the viewer what they are. If your call to action takes more than 3 seconds for the viewer to realize what it is, chances are they are not going to click it. Due to the small screen size, you do not want to overwhelm consumers with a bunch of different CTA buttons; you want to ensure you have one obvious one on the screen.

Size & Location

It is important to be cautious of the size and location of every element on the page; buttons, font size, pictures, etcetera. Mobile users are using their thumb to navigate, not a small cursor. Buttons must be large enough to tap with your finger, and text must be large enough to read on a small screen. Because people are using their thumbs to scroll through the website, you should not be putting anything in the bottom corners because, odds are, they will not see it!

No Pop-Ups

Pop-ups make the mobile experience on your website excruciating. It is so much harder to press the tiny “X” button in the corner with your thumb than it is with your cursor on a desktop. It could take mobile users way too long to get out of it, so they leave your website immediately. They also may end up accidentally clicking the pop-up ad, causing them to leave your website to go to the ad. After that, they probably will not return to your site. It is in your best interest to nix any pop-up advertisements to ensure mobile0friendliness.

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