How to make sure you have your SEO basics covered

When it comes to being successful on the Search Engine Results pages, there a few things you need to make sure that you do tom make your site as attractive as possible to the search engines.  Here are some quick things you can check your site for and if they are not already done, get them done quickly.

1) Title tags.  Make sure your site has good page titles.  You need to get your key words in there without over-stuffing and it helps for them to have a smooth flow.  Titles that just have your business name and page titles like “home” or “about” don’t do you any favors.

2) Meta descriptions.  Again, remember your keep words.  When your site displays on a results page, this descriptive content can mean the difference as to whether somebody will click on the link for your site or not.

3) Content.  Content drives your site success.  It brings people to the site and it can keep people there but only if it is good and valuable.

4) Speed.  Make sure your pages load quickly.  Nobody wants to wait around when there are other, often many, options available.

5) Heading tags.  Make sure you use these wisely.  Get your key terms in there – no over-stuffing, and use variations as your heading levels decline.

6) URL Structure.  Make sure they are user and search engine friendly.  If they are not and you need to redo them, don’t forget the 301 redirects!

7) Webmasters Tools.  Use them  You can get insight into your sites performance and activity as well as information in errors that you can then correct.


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